5 Common Winter HVAC Issues and How to Fix Them

We reside in diverse climatic conditions however many regions around the globe experiences freezing temperatures during winters. The leading air and heating company of the USA i.e. All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning recommend post care of HVAC systems.

A heat pump located outside the house tends to frost. The coil layers up in light ice during minus degrees. If you find it completely covered in ice then you need to fret. The frost if remained settled for a longer time may cause a serious problem. It has to be detected and revamped as soon as possible.

Hence, to prepare you for the few common HVAC problems we have assorted the list of issues to post care this winter:

5 Common Winter HVAC Issues and How to Fix Them

Carbon Monoxide Leaks:

To keep their homes safe and sound, homeowners do everything that is in the be hoof of home. The one thing they might neglect is the dangers of carbon monoxide. If you have cracked or rusted heaters at home, replace or restore them quickly. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless is hard to detect but it infuses in the air. It can be deadly in the right amount.

This gas typically leaks from cracked heat exchanger within heaters. Check if there is any damage. Maintain proper ventilation so that carbon monoxide gets a proper exit. Keep chimney and vent clear and non obstructed.

Frozen Water Pipes:

Ice and decreasing temperature cause pipes and coils to congeal causing obstruction. Because of this, the hydroponic systems stop working. Insulated pipes sometimes even burst sometimes. To prevent any such situation freezing has to be barred. For this water, the valve should be shut down and a professional should be called.

Dirty Air Filters:

The primary purpose of the air conditioner is to clean the air by removing polluted air particles via the system. Debris starts to accumulate on the filters and clog them if not replaced timely. The same is when heaters are overused and cleaning is neglected. Due to this efficiency of heaters are decreased and air flow is hampered resulting in less warmth. Now you know why your heater was working below average. Clear the obstruction around the filter and make sure fans are working properly. Replace the filter if too old or bent ensuring it to run smoothly.

Inconsistent Heating:

Everybody wants warmth in every place of home. Sitting at a warm and cozy room and walking to a chilly room is quite annoying. This could be either because of the error in your heating system or home.

To get this corrected, look for cracks or holes in the windows or doors so that it is properly insulated. Next comes the coils or filter, is it dirty? Get it cleaned or replaced and your problem will disappear soon.

If the problem still persists it might be due to the air handler. You might hear a grinding noise or inadequate air circulation all over the house.

Lack of Heat:

Inefficient heating is exasperating but at least the house remains warm. What if your heating system fails to warm your place? Before you look into your heating system verify thermostat. Make sure the batteries are working well.

If you have a heat pump at home it is obviously in a struggling position. Heavy ice and wind can form a frost over it. Set it to defrost if it does not have such settings clear the frost yourself.

In the furnace, your pilot light needs to be addressed. Switch on the pilot light if it fails to look for a steady power source. Also, clean the grim and dirt in the assembly. For this always call an expert.

Still, if you witness heating issues with furnace the problem lies in burners, gas valves, control board or flame sensor. An HVAC expert is the best man to identify the problem and provide a permanent solution.

Final Thought:

These principles will help you to attain knowledge about HVAC issues. This needs to be acknowledged by all the homeowners and occupants who experience spine chilling cold during winters.

Having a properly working heating system is necessary to achieve the utmost comfort and warmth in the harsh North-Eastern region. Bring comfort to your family and save on electricity bill this time by acquiring these home tips.

Hope the above fixing solutions will be helpful for you. Still, if you have any queries do write to us and our team will get back to you shortly.