What to Look For in an Electric Shower?

An example of a miserable experience is having to deal with a bad shower. This is why if you are looking to create a new en-suit or you are looking to refit your bathroom, you need to ensure that you purchase the best shower suitable for your everyday use.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the best electric shower along with the guides and tips to follow when purchasing an electric shower.

Tips to consider while buying an Electric Shower:

1. Consider The Type of Water System You Have

The first thing to look at before purchasing an electric shower is to consider the kind of water system in your house. An electric shower is able to work with any water system, but as for mixed showers, you are likely to be more limited because they rely on readily available hot water supply.

The two types of water system to consider are:

High-Pressure Water System:

A combination boiler means that your water system is high-pressure vented. Your combi boiler which is usually located in the kitchen, eliminates the need of storage tanks because it immediately heats cold water which are usually from the cold mains supply.

You have an unvented high-pressure water system if you don’t have a cold water tank, but instead you have a hot water tank. Water is usually stored in the hot water tank which is located in an airing cupboard. It is then heated by central heating boilers or by immersion heaters.

Both systems are always well suited to digital showers or mixers, and they produce water at mains pressure.

Low-pressure Water System:

You have a low-pressure gravity system if you own a hot-water tank (which is usually in your airing cupboard) and also a separate cold-water tank (usually in your loft). The pressure in this system is gotten from gravity and it depends on the distance in which water falls from the tank containing cold water. So, you are likely to have a low pressure if the distance between your water tank and your shower is little.

This system is always best for electric or powered showers, though, you can make use of a mixer shower if you have a suitable water pressure.

2. Brand and Price

There are plenty of showers available for sale in the market, but these showers comes in various price, depending on it’s quality and built-in features. In general, mixer and electric showers are considered to be the cheapest, this is then followed by power showers, while digital showers are considered the to be the costliest showers available.

A range electric model with a thermostatic protection and a built-in pump will result to an increased cost of shower because of it’s added features. This is why newly developing power showers are always more cheaper.

3. Installation and Usage

Of course, after purchasing a new shower, you will need to install it so you can make use of your new shower. It is always advisable you get a qualified trades persons to carry out the installation process.The cost of this may vary according to the complexity of installing the shower, and also your location in the UK.

The cost of a simple like for like is estimated to be around £100, and it will cost between £120 and £400 to install an entirely new electric shower.

4. Consider The Necessary Shower Features

Although, showers are very simple devices, but they are constantly revisited and developed with new features — mostly on more costly models.

Below are some of the necessary features to look out for:

  • Maximum Temperature: This feature has proven useful for families with little children around. It prevents the shower from being manually turned to be too hot
  • Thermostatic Protection: A thermostatic protection prevents the water from becoming painfully too hot or too cold when the mains water is being used. This feature is built to steadily maintain the temperature within a set degree.
  • Multiple heads/diverter: Some showers comes with a main large head and a small head, which can be very useful if you have pets to wash or little children around. You can switch the water flow of a diverter valve depending on how you want it.